Upcoming International Quirkyalone Day Parties


Here are some upcoming International Quirkyalone Day parties. Remember, it’s is a grassroots movement–don’t ask when Quirkyalone Day is coming to your town–bring it there yourself.

San Francisco
Quirkyalone Day Party: A “Matters of the Heart” List Slam
Saturday, February 14, 7 pm
Red Hill Books
401 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco

Bring a list related to “matters of the heart” to share with your fellow quirkyalones. It could be a list of things you love about your newborn son, desired qualities in a mate, or reasons why you’re taking a dating holiday in 2009. The root of the verb “to list” means to “lust” or desire, so let your list lust roam free.

This will be the ninth List Slam in the history of the universe. Read more the mysteriously alluring List Slams concept on my other blog To-Do List.

After-party will be at Stray Bar at 309 Cortland Avenue, just next door. Enjoy quirkytinis, cupcakes, and other treats!

Accessible by public transportation. Take the 14 bus to Cortland and Mission and walk up Cortland, or wait for the 24 bus to ferry you up the hill. You can also take BART to 24th and Mission and take the 67 bus to Bernal Heights. Or just walk from 24th and MIssion–it’s a lovely 15 minute walk.

Bainbridge Island, Washington
From organizer, Tom Leurquin: This is Bainbridge Island’s second official IQD event, although there have been 8 other unofficial events. A group of uncompromising romantics will be celebrating our glorious singledom at a local restaurant, which will be followed by a play, on the day meant for us–Saturday, February 14th. All happily single-singles are welcome and encouraged to bring an interested QA along to join the fun. Call for additional details at 206-842-5906.

Thinking about organizing a public IQD gathering? Check here for useful tips and party supplies, and post your party details in the forums and in the comments after this post.

Happy IQD!

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What’s a quirkyalone?

A quirkyalone is a person who enjoys being single (or spending time alone) and so prefers to wait for the right person to come along rather than dating indiscriminately. Quirkyalones prefer to be single rather than settle.
Quirkyalones can also be married or in a committed relationship (quirkytogether). You can be a man or a woman, any age.
Quirkyalone is ultimately a philosophy about finding happiness within yourself whether you’re single or in a relationship.

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