Tune Into Quirkyalone on the Radio this IQD

My jaw dropped fifteen minutes ago. I was driving along in Oakland, California, after a lovely outing with a friend, looking through the radio dial for beautiful music, when I stumble upon someone who sounds like me but is not me. Radio host Rubberband Girl explaining the quirkyalone concept–and even the quirkyslut–confidently,as part of her quirkyalone-themed radio show to celebrate singledom and solitude on KALX, Berkeley’s student-run radio station. I love that the quirkyalone movement is strong that I don’t even have to do the interviews on February 14. Go listen to this beautiful four-hour show of songs expressing quirkyalone sentiment here. Here’s her set list.

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One comment on “Tune Into Quirkyalone on the Radio this IQD
  1. Sasha, that is indeed serendipitous! I was regretting not contacting you sooner about it, but it’s almost better that it worked out this way.

    I turned 30 last year, and the QA message continues to inspire – even more so with each year. I first connected with it when I was 24, after a terrible break-up. It was a time when I was questioning whether I could ever be in a relationship at all. I know, now, that I can, but it’s going to take a very special puzzle piece. And in the meantime, I get by OK. 😉

    I’ll make sure to keep you and the QA community posted for next year’s show.

    Much love on this IQ/V-Day,

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