One Is the Quirkiest Number

When did the media get so into quirkyness? I thought that was my sole territory. Now the New York Times plays up the quirky habits of solo dwellers in the Home Section. The reporter may be confusing the quirky behavior of living alone with other kinds of issues, like, forgetting to put your clothes on when you leave the apartment. But I do adore being quoted in the New York Times talking about eating “discrete objects” for dinner.

And this piece has brought the quirkyalone movement to many readers who had not yet heard of it, and for that I am glad.

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6 comments on “One Is the Quirkiest Number
  1. Michael says:

    Getting quoted in the media makes everyone feel like a tool, don’t worry. I came here ’cause I was like, damn, I’m gonna look out for this chick at the farmer’s market next week.

  2. Sasha Cagen says:

    Ah not to worry, I was amused. Yup, I often go to the fabulous Lake Merritt farmer’s market.

  3. Shirley Budhos says:

    I’m considerably older than you and your readers, and I was irked (a polite word for irritated) by the title and content, so I’ve drafted a “Letter to the Editor” which I’ll l send when I’ve finished it..

    In the 1950s (that era of smothering togetherness) I lived alone until I married, and now have lived on my own since 1983, and as you probably can tell, I have strong opinions on the subject. I consider being locked at the hip as a couple quirky, and my generation, on the whole, doomed because they are so dependent. Many marriages lasted because of the fear of being alone, and so on.

  4. James Quirkyalone says:

    Finally, someone put a name to my condition. I have been alone for 20 years – and probably “alone” for years when I was ‘with’ someone – and only now do I realize that the word I had given to myself, hermit, was inaccurate. That word conjures up some kind of human that does not want anything from life. I am not like that, so the word never felt “right.”

    Quirkyalone, on the other hand, conveys the positiveness of choice. I choose to be what I am, to live as I want, and, perhaps, to change, if I want.

    Shop where you want in peace, Sasha Cagen, for I will never want to take you home!

  5. Hey I just came across your book- online actually last night. I’m a 31 year old Marine combat veteran who has been trying at the relationship game- only to flop and fail often and sometimes horribly lol — what puzzles me is the fine line within me thats a quirkytogether and a quirkyalone— I took your quiz and scored an 80% (idk- I ordered a used copy of your book on Amazon early this morning- gotta read that still to have a debate or Q&A

  6. Beth says:

    To the person who was “irked” and wrote a letter to the editor, AHMEN! I found this whole story offensive. Way to kick us back 30 years.

    It’s a challenge in our society to stand up for our individuality, our values, our independence in spite of the crushing “American dream” the media shoves down our throats. This article just throws all our efforts in our faces, making us look like zoo animals worthy of study.

    I’m not anthropological subject matter. I’m happy, independent, successful, social, and…gasp…quirky. I’m all of these things because I grew up in a home that fostered my personal growth and valued my individualism, rather than one that assigned the preconceived notion of success and happiness developed in the 1950s.

    I’m happy because I’ve been allowed to be free to live to my full potential. And I share that happiness with friends, family, and my community. I’m 34, and….I live alone.

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What’s a quirkyalone?

A quirkyalone is a person who enjoys being single (or spending time alone) and so prefers to wait for the right person to come along rather than dating indiscriminately. Quirkyalones prefer to be single rather than settle.
Quirkyalones can also be married or in a committed relationship (quirkytogether). You can be a man or a woman, any age.
Quirkyalone is ultimately a philosophy about finding happiness within yourself whether you’re single or in a relationship.

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