Connected, but alone?

A beautiful TED talk and a very quirkyalone message that I have blogged about too. “Technology (social media) provides the illusion of companionship without the demands of friendship.” This talk by MIT professor Sherry Turkle is ultimately an argument that we must build the capacity for solitude in order to have real connection in our lives (to listen to each other and not try to control all communication). Her talk reminded me of this blog post “Zeitgeist Alert: The End of Aloneness?” that I wrote in 2009 in response to this essay by William Deresiewicz “The End of Solitude.” Let’s all become more self-aware about how we use technology. And talk about how to do that!

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2 comments on “Connected, but alone?
  1. Will Edwards says:

    I remember coming across a book by this speaker quite recently. She has a point, but it’s not the technology that’s at fault; it’s human nature.

    When she says that “we text in board meetings” and “we text at funerals” she is wrong. We don’t! She might … other people might, but I don’t.

    She needs to use that power button a bit more often imho.

    Best wishes,

    Will :)

  2. Ellen says:

    She is right and needs to find a way to get this message spread beyond the crowds who watch TED videos and read quirlyalone blogs. How can she reach the people who really need to be told?

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