Quirkyalone Day Cards Wanted!

I’ve been thinking it’s time for some new Quirkyalone Day cards. We have some great ones but hey, how many Valentine’s Day cards are there? I think we need more Quirkyalone Day cards to send to our friends! If you have artistic genius in you to create a Quirkyalone Day card, please post a Quirkyalone Day card on the Quirkyalone Facebook page or send them to info AT quirkyalone.net, and I will collect some to share on quirkyalone.net! Let’s spread some QA love this Feb. 14.

Here’s one from the history books to inspire you. . .

Happy IQD!

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2 comments on “Quirkyalone Day Cards Wanted!
  1. Olivia Lane says:

    You asked, I drew. 3 IQD cards on my blog:

    I just shared the link on the FB page too.

  2. sashacagen says:

    Gorgeous! These are brilliant. I love your interpretation of quirkytogether too. I will share these in a new blog post with the ones I made. Love.

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